New Art West Midlands

Celebrating emerging artists that have graduated from the region’s art schools, New Art West Mids does a lil tour of BMAG, The Herbert in Cov and AirSpace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent over the next few months. 

 Hayley McNally,  Urban Heights  (sculpture)

Hayley McNally, Urban Heights (sculpture)

 Lucy Hanrahan,  We Are the Social Media Generation  (text-work/video)

Lucy Hanrahan, We Are the Social Media Generation (text-work/video)

 Lewis Pritchard,  I’m still thinking about it  (installation)

Lewis Pritchard, I’m still thinking about it (installation)

 Gem Douglas,  But home is the mouth of a shark  (sculpture)

Gem Douglas, But home is the mouth of a shark (sculpture)

 Aileen Doherty,  Dark Matter  (installation)

Aileen Doherty, Dark Matter (installation)

 Lily Wales,  Radioactive Rhonda (sculpture)

Lily Wales, Radioactive Rhonda(sculpture)

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