Meeting // Curious Egg's Lorraine Aaron

I took a few minutes to talk to Lorraine Aaron, owner of a new online store selling gorgeous interiors, art and craft items, Curious Egg about her inspirations and aspirations for the company.

What did you do before you started Curious Egg? I was a practising professional visual artist and also taught contemporary arts practice to college students in preparation for art school.

How did your previous work prepare you for running Curious Egg? During my years as a visual artist I designed and made artworks for public places such as parks, hospitals, museums and new building developments. I worked alongside designers and architects as well as planners and landscape architects integrating artworks into their schemes. I have collaborated or commissioned other artists to make work for some of these larger projects and over the years I have built up quite a large network of artists and makers. I also managed an arts organisation and I ran my own mural business years ago so I had some business experience. Things constantly change though and it’s definitely a steep learning curve but so, so enjoyable!

What was the main inspiration for starting the company? Through my previous work, I became fascinated with the relationship between art and architecture - how art could be used to change the nature of a space and how that could affect how people would experience a building both physically and emotionally. Everything I made as a visual artist had a relationship to a room or building. I developed my artworks by playing with scale, materials, lighting and texture and I would design them with the space in mind whether indoor or outdoor. There was always an element of theatre when the two came together. I used to think, why can’t we create really imaginative and unexpected interiors in our own homes with art, unusual objects and creative arrangements of space? It just seemed like there was a gap in the market for art inspired interiors where art is not an afterthought but actually inspires the whole styling of an interior.

What is the ethos of the company? To inspire creative interiors with art at the centre and filled with beautifully crafted objects that help you to tell a very personal story within your home. We want Curious Egg to push boundaries and break the mould of what an interior lifestyle store can be taking a holistic approach that makes connections between contemporary visual art, interiors, travel, health and wellbeing. Most of all it’s a welcoming place where people can browse luxury items beside affordable and hopefully discover a new found love of art and fine crafted objects in the process. By bringing art, interiors and other elements together under one roof it’s an oddly shaped model that will continue to change form and explore new ground.

Pick 5 of your favourite products I love them all! But there are definitely a few favourites in the mix such as the limited edition Black Paradiso Lace Panel which is so special and looks great hung in front of a long window or bare plaster walls, Kora vase for raw texture – amazing little thing! Mauli Himalayan Healing Salts (just perfect for an evening candle lit soak), Hand Crocheted Table Mats for a little boho style around the table and the beautifully rustic Kavata Trays to serve casual but stylish party food or display wild flower bundles… I could go on it’s too hard to stop at five!

How do you see Curious Egg developing? Ha! The clue is in the name, we always envisaged it as an unusual model bringing together art, interiors, lifestyle and wellbeing. This gives loads of scope for development and we have big plans for taking the Curious Egg brand into unusual and unexpected areas! Our online gallery -‘The Art Room’ is about to open its virtual doors and I’m so excited! I have handpicked work from artists whose work I love and many of the pieces are exclusive to Curious Egg. We are offering beautiful original paintings as well as affordable limited edition prints and textile wall hangings. Sculpture will be added to the collection very soon.

How would you define your style? Classic with an eccentric twist and subtle boho vibe.

What is your own home like? Waiting to be renovated! We moved in just over a year ago and after just two months we went on a long sourcing trip travelling round Europe. With this and all the preparation involving in launching Curious Egg at the beginning of this year we haven’t had much time to renovate but we do have one room complete and I love it – our black dining room!

What do you do in your spare time, and how do you like to relax? Moving out from the city to a slightly more rural location means we now have a little garden which I have taken on as personal project. I absolutely love pottering about, digging the soil and planting unusual things. Although I’m an absolute amateur, I have the expertise of Roddy’s mum to tap into and our neighbour also keeps bees so there is plenty of inspiration! We love walking in the forest trails behind the house with our crazy vizsla Miko and if we ever get good weather we head off with him in our beloved camper ‘Martha’ and head for the west coast to the white sands of Morar.

We love Curious Egg - head over to the site and check out of the blog for plenty for interiors inspiration.