Meeting // Matthew Calvin

Matthew Calvin of the eponymous jewellery brand took a few minutes to answer some questions on his style inspiration and new collection.

What is your definition of style?

Simple, elegant and beautiful.

Which are your favourite materials to design with? All of my designs are made in sterling silver and then plated in 18ct Yellow or Rose Gold. I like the classic look of all three metals, and I think they suit the minimalistic aesthetic of the brand. I’m branching out at the moment and looking at using stones like mother of pearl and howlite in some new designs, so watch this space!

What inspires you when you create collections? Anything and everything really. I’m constantly inspired by different things; it could be a nice geometric shape in a painting or some brickwork in a wall. I love simple, elegant designs and a lot of contemporary architecture, interior design and art pieces follow this style so there’s a lot out there to be inspired by.

What is the starting point for your designs? I always have a sketchbook with me to jot down new ideas, which I then go over with my team, adding in any ideas they may have had as well. When we’ve gone over everything we try and refine the designs into definitive pieces. We often try to design for a collection we have in mind but it doesn’t often go that way; the collection morphs and changes as we design the pieces.

Do you have a style mantra? Clean, minimal and geometric design is key for me, so those three words are definitely my style mantra.

Is travel important to you in terms of inspiring your designs?

Definitely. I’m a big fan of travel and try to go on little trips here and there with my partner as often as I can. I think getting away from the city you live in, even just for a weekend, is very important to clear your head and let in new ideas. A change of scenery also brings new inspiration and often gives you a fresh view of your own city when you come back.

What are your favourite places to visit? Barcelona is a firm favourite and is where I was brought up. All of my family lives out there and so we visit quite often, and it’s always a relaxing trip. We also like to get away in the UK a lot and the south and east coasts are really beautiful.

Finally, which are your favourite pieces from your latest collection? We have a new collection coming out in the summer called Machinist. It has some really great pieces in it, and my favourite has to be the Machinist Ring. There are also some new interesting earrings, which I’m really excited about.


Keep an eye on the website for the new collection!