Home Inspiration // Bathroom tiles

We still haven't got round to updating our bathroom. The kitchen, living room, bedroom and garden have all taken priority, despite a previous blog post of mine claiming that a bathroom should be the little bit of luxury before all other things in a home. I don't live by my own advice. Anyway that means I'm still ruminating with what to do.  The simple and most effective answer, Pinterest seems to be telling me, is tiles. Tiles and tiles and tiles upon tiles. Here are some of my favourite Pinterest-friendly options.

Source: Original Style Marble Cararra. For me, the look of marble is the ultimate in bathroom luxury. This one from Original Style is a matt glazed ceramic, making it a more affordable option without saving on style.

Source: I know that metro tiles have really been done to death, but I still like them so much. They're really effective (in kitchens as well as bathrooms) and just give a really clean look. I love the little nook and very minimal tap.

Source: Floor to ceiling white square tiles, plain and simple but super effective. I also really like the black details, they make the styling much more modern.

Source: Although there are only two patterns here, there seems to be so much going on. It isn't overbearing for me though, the monochrome tones with a touch of gold still look clean.

Source: Again two types of contrasting tile patterns, this is much more traditional but because our house is Victorian, this could work quite well. I'm not sure about the weird stool however.

Source: I've used that colour grey in pretty much every room we have redecorated so far, so I probably won't use it in the bathroom too. But don't hold me to that. This all looks so warm, the warmth of the grey tone and the stone surface makes this bathroom seem inviting rather than sterile.