In the garden

We've been in our new place just over a year now. It's a ground floor flat in a converted Victorian building and one of the first things we did when we moved in was reinstall French doors in the lounge leading out to the garden. For some reason, a previous resident had removed the doors and replaced it with a small window, making the room pretty dark. The new doors gave the flat a new lease of life, but since then we've been looking out onto our garden which was a scrap of lawn surrounded by rubble.

Now, we've cleared all the detritus (probably the first and last time I'll use that word on the blog) and started work on making the garden lovely.

In life, I've gone through 3 stages of what I like to spend money on. In my late teens/early twenties I spent every penny I had on clothes. In my mid twenties I became obsessed with all things interiors and invested my money on 'upcycling' furniture and buying things to improve wherever I was living at that time (I've lived in 9 different flats over as many years. I've acquired a lot of stuff). Now I'm in my late twenties and I seem destined to splurge any spare money on the garden. I am obsessed. It was my birthday recently and friends and family bought me plants rather than clothes, how times have changed.

All photos sourced from Pinterest

It's only been through compiling this garden inspiration that I've noticed a recurring theme, the combination of nature and man-made. I like the look of wilderness in contrast against the unnatural; stark corrugated metal with overgrown greenery, unruly plants spreading across sleek, clean lines. Gardening is my new obsession and the latest reason I never have any money. I welcome any tips from pro gardeners and hopefully the garden will soon be in a state to include some photos on the blog.

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