Molitor: Paris

The Molitor Hotel has been a chic hideout in Paris since the 1930s. Following a brief decline during the 1990s, the hotel, which is famed for its two pools, has been restored to its former glory with a chic twist. Reminiscent of an impressive ocean liner with porthole windows, the hotel's history is evident throughout with nods to the Art Deco era when the hotel was first build. Yellow paint that was part of the original design has been brought out and is a distinctive colour that flashes through the hotel's interior.

During the hotel's period of closure (Thomas Jorion)

The pool in its heyday (Gilles Rigoulet, 1985)

Jean-Philippe Nuel of Agence Nuel was brought on board by French hotel company MGallery to transform the hotel interior. The hotel is on a protected buildings register, and the designer has made references to the various forms that the hotel has taken over time, from 30s glamour to the street art that the hotel was adorned with during the 90s.


Roof top cocktail bar, Clarins spa, two pools. Not to mention two restaurants and 124 rooms. I know where I'm staying next time I'm in Paris.

The Molitor Paris